Final thoughts before the Madagascar Ultra Marathon begins!

Rich and I have avoided swarms of locusts, survived fights to “DIE” airport, and have averted the worst that food poisoning could throw at us. Overall, I think we’ve done quite alright in keeping strong, sleepy, and happy in the lead up to this week long, 250km adventure through Madagascar.

This afternoon, along with 241 other competitors from 43 countries, we will be heading out to the Camp 1 of 6 and the race’s starting line. It is expected that we will have to travel 1 hour by bus from Antsiranana to get there and I I couldn’t be more excited.

For some reason this time around, unlike prior to the Gobi March last year, I’m feeling quite calm and ready for the challenge. Maybe it’s because this time I have Rich here with me (who us also remarkably calm despite not feeling 100% at the moment), or maybe it’s because this time I know what to expect, or maybe because the incredible beauty of this page place is enough to distract me from what looms ahead – but I feel ready. I’m not worried about our choice of food or the amount (or lack thereof) of training we’ve done. I’m ready.

This is going to be a brilliant adventure.

2 thoughts on “Final thoughts before the Madagascar Ultra Marathon begins!

  1. Good luck to you both.

    Rich you really seem to be having some food issues lately but I hope you will be ok.

    Love you both and miss your company. Take care xxxxxxoooooo

  2. Good luck Lis and Rich! I am also excited for you this time round. Madagascar sounds exciting and beautiful and it will be nice to have Rich as companion. Looking forward to more posts!

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