Our Southern African Adventure, Part 12: South Africa – The Return to Johannesburg

The memories of Matopo and walking with rhinos fresh in our minds, all that was left of our trip now was to return to South Africa. From Johannesburg, Rich and I would be catching our flight home. To be honest, knowing that we would be leaving Africa in just a few days was both upsetting and a massive relief at the same time. We had had a blast and would miss being on the road, but were so happy that we’d no longer have to live out of our backpacks. Contine reading

Our Southern African Adventure, Part 6: Namibia – Swakopmund, Cape Cross, and the White Lady

With the undeniable beauty of Sossusvlei behind us, we were now driving towards Swakopmund and its neighboring sites. A heavily German influenced area and Namibia’s largest coastal town, Swakopmund was like nothing I had ever anticipated finding in Africa. Our time here and throughout the surrounding region, was at times exciting, full of some very high highs and some awful lows.

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Our Southern African Adventure, Part 3: Namibia – Canoeing down the Orange River

After a night of fearing the doll’s dress above our bed and the haunted town outside, I was ready to get to a happy place. As Rich knows all too well, when you have a sad, scared or depressed Lis there is one surefire way to bring a smile to my face and a lasting happy demeanor: add water, big great expanses of water. Thankfully the next day would have us crossing into Namibia, and spending two days paddling our way along the calm waters of the Orange River.

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