Send Lis to the 2016 Fjallraven Polar!

Lis is applying to take part in the 2016 Fjallraven Polar – a 300 km dog sledding race through Norway and Sweden. Less than 30 people a year are able to compete in the race, and entry is based on popular votes.

Lis has spent the last 8 months working to put the below application video, which we filmed in over 10 countries (!), together. We’d really appreciate it if you took the time to watch the video or at least spend the 7 seconds necessary to vote for her on Fjallraven’s website.

Thank you for your support!

After Madagascar – People Who Inspired Us

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, one of my favorite things about running ultra marathons is meeting people from a vast variety of backgrounds, all coming together with the common goal of finishing a race that is harder on the mind and body than most people can fathom. Even more so than during the Gobi March, there was an abundance of people throughout the race in Madagascar that I feel genuinely inspired by.

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After Madagascar – Better Preparing for the Next Ultra Marathon

In the months following the 2013 Gobi March, when I struggled under the weight of a nearly 12 kilogram rucksack, I actively considered each item that I had brought with me. Many things I regretted, some items worked, and a few I wouldn’t have changed for the world. Earlier this year, taking into account what my post-Gobi feelings, Rich and I tried our best to change what we could, within reason, for the race in Madagascar.

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Competing in Ultra Marathons: Why I Race

Ever since I first announced that I’d signed up for my first Ultra Marathon, the Gobi March, back in July 2012, people have been asking me why. Why would I put myself through the training, through the pain, through the long days on my feet? There were a lot of remarks about me being crazy, or having a death wish, and their needing to “prep a coffin” for me. For every nice sentiment I received about my desire to compete, there were 19 others telling me that I was either insane or that I’d break down or that I wouldn’t be able to make it through.

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Lessons from 2013 Gobi March: Preparing for a Multi-Stage Ultra Marathon

Anyone who was there with me at the Gobi March ultra marathon in 2013, or read my blog posts during the race, knows that I did not have an easy time of it. There are so many things that I did wrong and so many things that I must do differently if I am to have a strong go at the 250 kilometer Madagascar ultra marathon in August/September. Learning from last year does not necessarily mean success this year, but it means that I’m one step closer to sorting out what does and does not work. So, with less than two months to go before I set foot on that starting line, here is a look at how I’m changing things up.

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