Our Southern African Adventure, Part 12: South Africa – The Return to Johannesburg

The memories of Matopo and walking with rhinos fresh in our minds, all that was left of our trip now was to return to South Africa. From Johannesburg, Rich and I would be catching our flight home. To be honest, knowing that we would be leaving Africa in just a few days was both upsetting and a massive relief at the same time. We had had a blast and would miss being on the road, but were so happy that we’d no longer have to live out of our backpacks. Contine reading

Our Southern African Adventure, Part 2: Cape Town & Western South Africa

Having greatly enjoyed our freedom over the past few days of wandering through Cape Town I was a bit hesitant at having to join a tour group. I was hoping to meet people here I would find as incredible, fun, and tough as those we met during the race in Madagascar. However, I was expecting the worst – a group of American frat boys or sorority girls, the type of people that weren’t okay with getting dirty and would spend the entire trip talking about how unhygienic everything was, or would be drunk and hung over throughout the trip. Though I ultimately did not become as close with our tour group as I was with our friends in Madagascar, I can definitely say that Rich and I got off quite lucky with who we were trapped with – making for a much more enjoyable trip than I had anticipated. This fourth day in Southern Africa marks the beginning of our tour-ventures.

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