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A timeline of some of the more memorable adventures of Lis & Rich’s lives.


November 2014 – Cycle from Adelaide to Melbourne (Lis & Rich)

In November 2014, Lis and Rich traded in their running shoes for their road bikes and hit the road hard. The pair cycled 938 kilometers from Adelaide to Melbourne, in a trip that took nearly two weeks to complete. Along the way they faced off against massive hills, never-ending roads, strong headwinds, and some really bizarre smells. Travelling an average of 78 kilometers per day along the southern coast of Australia, it was an experience like no other.


September/October 2014 – Safari through Africa (Lis & Rich) 

With neither Lis nor Rich having previously travelled to Africa, they decided to take advantage of their transit from Australia to the ultra marathon in Madagascar via Johannesburg by spending an extra month in Southern Africa. The two hopped on a 24-day over-landing tour run by Drifters in Cape Town, South Africa. The “adventour” took them through the deserts and wildlife reserves of Namibia, the Okavango Delta in Botsawana, and down the mighty Zambezi River in Zimbabwe, before heading back into South Africa. Some highlights of the trip included poling mekoros through the heart of the Okavango, rafting through Class 5 rapids on the Zambezi, speeding down sand dunes in Sossusvlei, and tracking rhinos on foot.


August/September 2014 – Racing the Planet: Madagascar (Lis & Rich)

Together Lis and Rich tackled the 2014 Racing the Planet race in Madagascar. The 250 kilometer race consisted of 6 stages over the course of a week through northern Madagascar. The respective distances travelled were that of approximately 40 kilometers a day for the first 4 stages, with a 5th stage or “Long March” of 80 kilometers, followed by a short 10 kilometer dash to the finish for the 6th and final stage. Competitors were required to be self-supporting, carrying all food and supplies for the week on their back. The terrain varied between lush forest, sheer rock cliffs, desert, and savanna, making it a hugely unforgettable experience.


July 2014 – Move to Melbourne, Australia (Lis & Rich)

Asia was wonderful, and Hong Kong was an amazing place to to be for travel within East and Southeast Asia, but both agreed that it was time to go and start life anew.


June 2013 – The Gobi March (Lis) 

In June of 2013 Lis competed in the 10th anniversary race of the Racing the Planet’s Gobi March. The 250 kilometer race consisted of 6 stages over the course of a week through the outskirts of the Gobi Desert in China. The respective distances travelled were that of approximately 40 kilometers a day for the first 4 stages, with a 5th stage, known as the “Long March”, of 80 kilometers, followed by a short 10 kilometer dash to the finish for the 6th and final stage. Lis had to battle the elements, as this desert proved to be no true desert, with plenty of wind, rain, and hail, all while carrying 12 kilograms worth of her food and supplies for the week in a rucksack. 


November 2012 & 2013 – Laguna Phuket Triathlon (Lis & Rich) 

Lis and Rich both competed in the 2013 Laguna Phuket Triathlon in Phuket, Thailand, with Lis also competing in the 2012 race. The race consists of a 1.8K swim, 55K bike and 12K run (longer than the standard Olympic triathlon) through Thailand’s spectacular tropical scenery. The race regularly attracts triathlon legends such as Mark Allen, Greg Welch, Craig Alexander, Paula Newby-Fraser, Michelle Jones, Chris McCormack and Chrissie Wellington.


April 2013 – Rich moves to Hong Kong (Rich) 

His time in Japan done and deliberating between moving back to Australia or to try life out in yet another one of Asia’s major cities, Rich chose the latter, moving to Hong Kong with Lis, thus kickstarting their own brand of adventures with one another.


December 2012 – Ski Trip in Niseko, Japan aka Boy Meets Girl (Lis & Rich)

During a fateful ski trip during the Christmas holidays in 2012, Rich and Lis met through mutual friends. True to form, Lis spent their entire week together chasing Rich around, forcing him to take notice of her.


December 2012 – Travel to Myanmar (Burma) (Lis) 

Lis traveled to Myanmar in 2012, because why not? Sadly, the trip was not her favourite as she felt confined to the borders set up by the Burmese government, meant to keep foreigners within certain areas of the country. Lis is also growing ever more certain that she picked up a parasite after eating noodles from a street food vendor near the capital of Yangon, as her stomach has not been the same since. She is though quite relieved that she did not manage to bring any evil pixies home from her visit to the temple on Mount Popa.


October 2012 – Hong Kong International Triathlon (Lis)

To kick off her career in endurance events, Lis competed in the 2012 Hong Kong International Triathlon on Lantau Island.


August 2012 – Travel to Malaysia (Rich) 

Finally getting time away from Japan, Rich travelled to the stunning, and still relatively untouched Perhentian Islands, an hour long boat ride from the eastern cost of Malaysia. The islands are known for their clear water, fantastic scuba diving, and white sandy beaches.


June 2012 – Travel through Laos (Lis) 

In June 2012, Lis, who at the time was playing both Rugby Union and Touch Rugby, was invited to travel to Laos to work with the Laos National Rugby Team. While there, not only did she improve her own rugby skills but she developed a strong bond with the country. Seeing the devastation left behind by the war in Vietnam, and the joy of its people despite their country’s struggles was one of the best experiences of her life. The amazing street food and her first ever interaction with an elephant made the trip all the sweeter. Lis and Rich remain supporters of C.O.P.E, a NGO supporting the victims of UXOs, as well as Laos Rugby.   


November 2011 – Reef Hong Kong Surf Cup (Lis) 

A lifelong lover of the ocean, Lis entered the 2011 Reef Hong Kong Surf Cup on a whim. Lis was awarded 2nd runner up for the women’s division.


October 2011 – Travel through Northern Vietnam (Lis) 

In October 2011 Lis was lucky enough to travel to Northern Vietnam, circling the region on motorbike. Though the roads were windy and not always paved, and the traffic could be terrifying, in traveling this way she was able to spend nights in the rural homes of locals, and become better acquainted with the people and their customs and the land. Lis has traveled back to Vietnam several times since and still has not gotten over how beautiful the country truly is.


February 2011 – 2011 Tokyo Marathon (Rich)

In 2011 Rich completed his first ever marathon through the streets of central Tokyo. Finishing in just over 4 hours, despite barely training, Rich told himself afterwards that he’d never do another marathon again, and that anyone who competed in ultra marathons must be crazy. Little did he know…


September 2010 – Lis Moves to Hong Kong (Lis) 

Lis was lucky enough to be offered an internship with a major U.S. bank in Hong Kong during the summer of 2010. So, in September, just days after her 23rd birthday she picked up and left New York. Little did she know that her internship would lead to a full time job and nearly 4 years in the S.A.R., time that would transform her from wallflower to spirited adventurer.


March 2009 – Rich Moves to Tokyo (Rich) 

After spending time in Japan both during high school and university, Rich decided to take the leap and move to Japan after his university graduation. Working for two Japanese companies over the course of 4 years, Rich perfected his Japanese, even writing a book on how to best learn the language. During his time in Japan Rich developed a huge appreciation for Asian cultures and world travel, spurring him on to travel further and dream bigger.

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