Upcoming Adventures

February 2015 – We’re Getting Married!

Ok – maybe not the same type of adventure, even taking into account its location (Vietnam) and my favorite transportation method (scooters), but an adventure nonetheless. Rich will officially have been bagged and tagged. Poor lad…


May 2015 – Rich to compete in the Gobi March

Rich will be competing in the 2015 edition of Racing the Planet’s Gobi March. The 250 kilometer race consists of 6 stages over the course of a week through the outskirts of the Gobi Desert in China. The respective distances of each stage will be approximately 40 kilometers a day for the first 4 stages, with a 5th stage, known as the “Long March”, of 80 kilometers, followed by a short 10 kilometer dash to the finish for the 6th and final stage. Lis, having completed the 2013 edition of this race will serve as a volunteer.


August 2015 – Fjällräven Classic 

Set high in the mountains of the Swedish Lapland, the Fjällräven Classic covers a 110 kilometer course from Nikkaluokta to Abisko. The course is much more relaxed than what we experienced in Madagascar, there are no set time limits, we just need to finish the course within 6 days and stop at all checkpoints. However, this time we’ll be carrying all of our own gear, that means food, clothing, tents, and stoves! The weather of the Laplands is also a force to be reckoned with, it can be 25 degrees Celsius one moment and -5 degrees the next. We’re really looking forward to seeing northern Sweden and hopefully coming face to face with a reindeer!